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Mar 2019

#29 - Grand Canyon Summits with a PBJ Crowler

What's up Brew Trails fans! This episode is a little more on the "Trails" side. I venture into The Canyon with a PBJ Time Crowler in tow and attempt to snag two summits on the Eastern side of GCNP. This is not something that I recommend people do as it require a lot of knowledge about off-trail orientation, emergency supplies, and technical climbing skills.

On the way, I relied heavily on Kahtoola micro-spikes, a local Flagstaff business, as well as give some shout outs to SMR Outdoor gear and Justin Cross of Earn Your Booze!

I hope you enjoy this fun little adventure episode! 

- N 

Aug 2018

#27 - Blackberry picking’. - Short Trails episode

We spent two day trips down in the absolutely horendous, ugly, scary, putrid, dangerous area known as Oak Creek. Seriously, don't ever go there. It's the worst and I heard there are a group of cobras that were recently let loose down there. 

Okay, anyway, we headed down into the canyon to claw and scratch our way to the most delicious of blackberries. A great time was had and we hope to release the barrel aged beer that took in these local delights within the next 10 months.

Stay tuned after the short 10 minute episode for some (we think) funny quips that we made up on the fly while driving down the switchbacks.

Cheers ya'll

Feb 2018

#21 - Pit to Peak (In a Day)

This is kind of a "crossover" episode. It started with an idea that Andrew and I had, to undertake microadventures from Northern AZ... In a Day. This is the journey that we chose to take first.

We would head down to the bottom of Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, and then hike up to the top of Humphries Peak (12,633 ft.) within a day. How did it go? Well, have a listen!

Sep 2017

#19 - Gettin’ Prickly in the Desert

In this episode, we venture out with some of our Beer-Slingers into the Sonoran desert to harvest a staple late summer beer ingredient. We had such a blast with these rock stars and can't wait to do it again!

Tap That AZ podcast - Check em out! 


As usual, let us know what you think of the podcast and what you would like us to talk about next. 


Jul 2016

#10 - Bikes, Barks, & Brews

In this Short Trails episode, we talk about a great fundraising event that will help get thousands of dollars to High Country Puppy Rescue here in Flagstaff AZ! PLEASE think about donating anything you can for this awesome cause.

Show Notes:

Follow along on the journey on Hops on Birch's Instagram page! Hops on Birch

Here's the Facebook page for the event too

Donate to the PUPPIES!! Click Here 
Or donate on Sara's site HERE

Here is a list of Breweries that have already donated beer sales or straight up cut a check! Cheers

Sierra Nevada
New Belgian
Mission Brewing
Black Market
Iron Fire
Nacard Distributing

May 2016

#8 - short trails - Run & Chug!

In this Short Trails episode we have a few very quick interviews with the participants of the Flagstaff Run & Chug Brewery Run. Enjoy! 

Show links: 

Event Page


May 2016

#6 - Tiger (Geiger) on the Trail

We interview DSB beer sponsored athlete Ryan Geiger about his mtb background, training, and beer drinking. The wind has many other plans :( I am still learning all about the audio side of things but the content is good. 

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Feb 2016

#4 - Kahtoola Race & Bacon Porters

In this episode, we interview racers in Flagstaff's Kahtoola Uphill Race. This is one of the best event/fundraisers of the year and we wouldn't miss it for the world. Hilary Child's is the race director and is passionate about the benefit to Camp Colton, the race's fundraiser. We always try to live up to our hastag #BrewHardPlayHard. 

Then, we will listen in on some of the fun that was had as The Pig's Meow came up from the Valley to brew a Maple Bacon Porter! Yum!
We were not able to lock in any local music for this episode, bumski, so please let us know of any AZ or Flagstaff artists that would be stoked to be on the show's music showcase. 
 Music credit:
Pelagic by  Anitek

Excuses by  Ryan Little
 Homesick by trustno1 (c) 2015 Licensed under a CreativeCommons Attribution (3.0) license.

Stripes by  Cud Eastwood,
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**For next episode (in 2 weeks), ask us any questions you have about Gluten Free or Gluten reduced beers. We will have special guests on that can talk aboout the process and differences in this new category of adult beverages**
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