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Feb 2016

#4 - Kahtoola Race & Bacon Porters

In this episode, we interview racers in Flagstaff's Kahtoola Uphill Race. This is one of the best event/fundraisers of the year and we wouldn't miss it for the world. Hilary Child's is the race director and is passionate about the benefit to Camp Colton, the race's fundraiser. We always try to live up to our hastag #BrewHardPlayHard. 

Then, we will listen in on some of the fun that was had as The Pig's Meow came up from the Valley to brew a Maple Bacon Porter! Yum!
We were not able to lock in any local music for this episode, bumski, so please let us know of any AZ or Flagstaff artists that would be stoked to be on the show's music showcase. 
 Music credit:
Pelagic by  Anitek

Excuses by  Ryan Little
 Homesick by trustno1 (c) 2015 Licensed under a CreativeCommons Attribution (3.0) license.

Stripes by  Cud Eastwood,
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**For next episode (in 2 weeks), ask us any questions you have about Gluten Free or Gluten reduced beers. We will have special guests on that can talk aboout the process and differences in this new category of adult beverages**
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Feb 2016

#3 - Burac, Barrels, & Pulled Hammies

=== Podcast Episode #3 SHOWNOTES ===

Arizona Beer Week is upon us. Check out the events at AZBEERWEEK 
Tickets for the Beer loves Wine dinner can be purchased at BEERheartsWINE
MUSIC for this episode was provided by the local Flagstaff Rastas Summit Dub Squad. Check out their new album and current gigs on their Facebook Page  
Here is a listing for the Flagstaff Mountain Film Fest . We will be showing films at the brewery on both Thursday and Saturday and pouring our beer at the Flag Bike Rev screenings as well!
We are pouring at the Arizona Strong Beer Festival on Saturday Feb 13th. at Indian School Park in Phoenix. Come have a blast and enjoy all the craziness that AZ breweries have to offer
Come experience ALL Flagstaff breweries paired with 7 AMAZING Flagstaff restaurants at the 2nd annual ABV dinner! You will not be disappointed. We are Psyched to be paired with Sosoba...What?!
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Feb 2016

#2.5 - Full Mike Popejoy Interview

For those of you who wanted to listen to the full 45 minute interview with Flagstaff runner and Olympic marathon hopeful, Mike Popejoy. Enjoy and Cheers!

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